Weekly Centering Prayer

On Tuesday evenings, members of the Cathedral's St. Brigid's congregation host a Centering Prayer gathering at 6:30pm.

Centering Prayer is a silent prayer practice aimed at settling one’s attention upon the presence of Christ within. We pray in silence for 30 minutes and there is opportunity afterwards for group reflection.

All are welcome to participate every in this simple prayer practice that goes back to the early years of Christian faith. Use the button below to ask the Rev. Marnie Peterson for Zoom coordinates.

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Walk the Labyrinth

Several times each year, we empty the Cathedral of chairs, making space available for all people to make pilgrimage without going very far from home. The Labyrinth offers an opportunity to experience the practice of reflective walking, asking where God may be calling you to, and what might you need to release in order to answer this call.

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