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From February 23 - March 25 Dean Christopher A. Pappas leads this lent study series designed to help us spot power imbalances and discern God’s call to us as we try to live out the Gospel.  

Crucifixion and resurrection are both aspects of the Gospel, the Good News, so Eric Law calls this the “Cycle of Gospel Living.”  It’s a cycle with different entry points for privileged and marginalized people, for wolves and for lambs, those with power and those without. 

Of course, there’s an important sense in which all of us, regardless of relative power and privilege, are called both to take up our crosses and to claim the power of the resurrection.  But those with more privilege will find themselves frequently empowered, frequently needing to walk the downward path.  Those with less privilege will find themselves more often in places of suffering and crucifixion, requiring the upward resurrection path of endurance, empowerment, and deliverance.  We’ll explore tools to help rebalance power, engage in scripture studies to discern God’s call to us regarding GOspel living and explore topics of interest that offer opportunities for Gospel Living.

The same session will be offered on two different days each week: 

Tuesday evening at 7:30pm and Thursday mornings at 10am.

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