Altar Guild

Members of the Altar Guild are dedicated to caring for the beauty and aesthetics of the worship space. They decorate for major feast days, arrange the Prayers of the Church panels, arrange flowers, change hangings, and tend to the fine linens. 


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Server's Guild

There are a variety of ways to participate in the Cathedral's various liturgies. On Sundays, Servers assist clergy in the leading of the liturgy taking on a variety of in-service roles. Servers perform different roles in each liturgy. Members of the Server's Guild—folks who have accepted an invitation from the Dean to serve in this capacity—receive training led by clergy and longer-time Servers.

8.00am Holy Communion—Servers read the Gospel and lead the intercessions, set the table, and help with Communion.

10.30 Choral Eucharist—Servers take on a variety of roles including: Crucifer, Taper Bearer, Sacristan and Master of Cermonies. 

5.30pm St. Brigid's Eucharist—Servers set the table with the Deacon, assist at the Altar, pour and distribute wine and grape juice, and ensure that there is enough wine and bread to go around. 

8.00pm Compline—The thurifer holds a smoking thurible, leading the procession to the altar. They assist the officiant in censing the altar and using incense at the reading of the gospel. 

Weekday Liturgies—Servers read the Gospel and lead the incersessions, set the table, and help with Communion.

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Service Greeters

The Cathedral’s Welcoming Ministry is dedicated in providing hospitality to those who enter the doors of the Cathedral for services of worship. Members of this ministry warmly greet people, orient them to the Cathedral, its services and ministries. Each Sunday service has its own greeting team. If you want to get involved, please contact the appropriate person listed below.

8.00am Holy Eucharist - Volunteer Coordinator Nicky Seppala

10.30am Choral Eucharist - Volunteer Coordinator Nicky Seppala

1.00pm Choral Eucharist - Volunteer Coordinator Nicky Seppala

5.30pm St. Brigid's Eucharist — The Rev. Marnie Peterson.

8.00pm Compline — Get involved by contacting Volunteer Coordinator Nicky Seppala

Scripture Readers

In Anglican worship, after gathering the community together, we read from the scriptures. Most services of Eucharist typically include one reading from the Hebrew scriptures (Old Testament), a selection from the psalms, a New Testament letter, and the Gospel.

At the Cathedral, members of the congregation typically read the Old Testament and New Testament lessons. Each service engages a different practice for selecting readers. 

8.00am Holy Eucharist—Speak to Pam Botting at the service or email 

10.30am Holy Eucharist—Speak to Donna Wong-Juliani or email 

5.30pm St. Brigid's Eucharist—Speak to one of the greeters when you arrive

8.00pm Compline—Readings are alternately said by the officiant and sung by the choir

Join the Choir

The Cathedral choir is open to auditioning new choristers who are keen to join the Cathedral choir. While spaces are limited for the choir singing on Sundays at 10.30am, there are often spaces available for singers in the evening Compline choir. 

Further details about minimum requirements to join the Cathedral's choir, including the audition process are provided in your first conversation with Director of Music, Rupert Lang.

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