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This post was written by Adele Finney and shared in the St. Brigid's congregation's weekly newsletter. 

Dear Friends,

My daughter asked me a couple weeks ago on a walk if I liked being retired. I was slow to respond. But on Tuesday, May 3rd, yes, I liked being retired.

My day started lying in bed watching a YouTube conversation “Resurrection” between Rowan Williams, former archbishop of Canterbury, and Paula Gooder, Canon Chancellor of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. They seemed to be friends and call one another by their first names. They talk about how the resurrection is so differently portrayed in the four Gospels, i.e., “the gobsmacked quality of the people around Jesus” in Mark. Rowan says,“It’s as if there isn’t quite a language for it [resurrection] yet.”

In the late afternoon I Zoomed to “The Truth and Reconciliation Commission and Bill C-15 Online Learning Event with the three Truth and Reconciliation Commissioners, The Honourable Justice Murray Sinclair, Dr. Marie Wilson and Chief Wilton Littlechild. They are friends and more than friends. Justice Sinclair told a story of attending a ceremony where the question was asked of an elder, Why did Christians do this to us? Do they hate us?” The elder responded that if Jesus were there, and knew of them, he would enter their tent and sit with them. He would know and respect them.

At the beginning of Tuesday evening I Zoomed to sit with a small group in Contemplative Practice: being still, centering ourselves to God, and sharing with one another something of our experience before and after. Becoming friends, with the risen Christ within and among us. 

In all three places I was awakened, emptied and filled with the language of friendship…by being still and listening. These words are my trying to find language for it. That, and sending an email to Senator Dan Christmas about Bill C-15.



Adele Finney