The Labyrinth
Several times each year, we empty the Cathedral of chairs, making space available for all people to make pilgrimage without going very far from home.

The Labyrinth offers an opportunity to experience the practice of reflective walking, asking where God may be calling you to, and what might you need to release in order to answer this call.

Contemplative Prayer

In partnershp with the Sanctuary of the Arts and St. Hildegard's, the Cathedral offers a contemplative prayer gathering on Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm. CURRENTLY ON SUMMER HIATUS. 

Each Tuesday has a slightly different contemplative practice, some encompassing artistic practices. 

First Tuesdays of the month - feature music and chant.

Second Tuesdays of the month - creative practices with music, a chance to gather in-person or online and engage in creative and artistic practices accompanied by gentle music.

Third Tuesdays of the month - a rotation of contemplative practices which ncludes Centering Prayer.

Fourth Tuesdays of the month - interfaith worship and arts

All are welcome! Contact for more information