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Climate Action Through Stewarding

Through education and dialogue using science and commitment, we aim to create a hope-filled, yes-we-can approach to reducing our impact on the earth.

Our First Blog Post
CATS Presents: 40 Minute Forum
Sunday, September 17 at 9:15am

With Nicole Ebert of the Ocean Legacy Foundation

The Ocean Legacy Foundation (OLF) is a Canadian based non-profit organization that was founded with the goal to end ocean plastic waste.   As well as developing long-term plastic collection, OLF is helping to develop processing infrastructure, and policy to mitigate plastic pollution of the ocean. Nicole will share with us some of these initiatives.

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Cathedral CATS share with parishioners a list of books that offer spiritual support for taking care of creation and nurturing our souls. We offer a list of trusted sources of information on ways that both teach and encourage us all to live more sustainably.


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