Cathedral CATS
Climate Action Through Stewarding

Through education and dialogue using science and commitment, we aim to create a hope-filled, yes-we-can approach to reducing our impact on the earth.

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CATS Presents: Our Social Fabric
Sunday, February 11 at 9:15am

40 Minute Forum with Mary Ann Webb of Our Social Fabric

Mary Ann Webb, a board member of Our Social Fabric, leads this forum exploring ways to make planet-friendly wardrobe choices. Our Social Fabric is a local non-profit created to keep fabric waste out of landfills by selling donated headstock fabric and fibre arts supplies to the public. 

Want to dive deeper?

Cathedral CATS share with parishioners a list of books that offer spiritual support for taking care of creation and nurturing our souls. We offer a list of trusted sources of information on ways that both teach and encourage us all to live more sustainably.


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