What is Baptism?
Baptism is the beginning of the life of faith.

Baptism is the sign, or sacrament, that Jesus introduced in order to welcome us as a part of his Body, the Church. Baptism is neither an isolated event or a magic moment, but the beginning of a life of faith in, and faithfulness to the God revealed in Jesus Christ.

Baptism is the sign instituted by Jesus to unite us with his own baptism. What happened at Jesus’ death and resurrection is what happens at baptism, so that St. Paul could write, “When we were baptised in Christ Jesus we were baptised in his death; in other words, when we were baptised we went into the tomb with him and joined him in death, so that as Christ was raised from the dead by the Father’s glory, we too might live a new life."

– Excerpt from This is Our Faith (p. 57)

Can I be baptised?
Yes! Baptism is open to all people, whether children or adults.

By bringing their child to be baptised, parents are giving a sign to the world, and to others in their worshipping community of their commitment to partner with God for the complete development of their child – body and soul. At the same time, the community commits to partner with these parents in helping to raise these children in just such a way.

Adults who present themselves for baptism make the choice, prompted by the Holy Spirit, to turn towards Christ. Becoming a Christian means turning from the ways of the world, and starting to swim against the culture’s currents with Christ as the new direction for your life. If you find yourself on this journey, you might consider taking the next steps towards baptism.

How do I prepare?
Let us walk you through the process.

All candidates for Baptism begin the process by contacting a member of the Cathedral clergy. After an initial meeting, you will decide on a preparatory course of conversations and Christian formation courses focused on understanding and embodying the Christian story. As the day of your baptism approaches, Clergy will arrange for a baptismal rehearsal prior to the day of celebration.

To start the preparation process for your baptism, or your child's baptism, fill in the form below. The Cathedral office will get in touch for a brief conversation and connect you to a clergy member who will walk with you through the process. 


When can I be baptized?
The Cathedral traditionally celebrates baptism on these Sundays.
  • Baptism of our Lord |  
  • Easter Vigil
  • Sundays in Easter | 
  • Pentecost
  • Transfiguration
  • Holy Cross
  • All Saints |