Bible & Book Study Series
These series offer a methodical deep dive into scripture, or other books aimed at enriching the practice of Christian faith.

January 2 to February 12 | To Love and Serve: The Church | Onsite 6pm to 7pm 

The Rev. Jeffrey Preiss leads this four week, in person formation series exploring the profound aspects of the Church, its governance, and the inclusive call to membership.  This course delves into key questions surrounding the Church, with a focus on relevant sections from the text To Love and Serve: Anglican Beliefs & Practices by Scott Gunn and Melody Wilson Shobe (adapted for the Anglican Church of Canada by Jessica Schaap, Rhonda Waters, Grace Pritchard Burson, and Deborah Noonan). Registration is required for this free formation course. Register here. For more information contact the Rev. Jeffrey Preiss at 

Workshops & Gatherings
From time to time various guests offer one day workshops on their topic of expertise. These workshops are open to all.
40 Minute Forum Series
A variety of guests speak on a variety of topics related to living out our faith in the world. Sessions take place on Sundays from 9:15am to 9:45am at the Cathedral. Session are free. No registration required.

January 14 - Carbon Fasting 
Join the Rev. Alisdair Smith as he explores the idea of carbon fasting for Lent. This will be a more detailed exploration, building on his sermon that same Sunday morning, so please join us as we consider what a carbon-fasting Lent might look like?

January 28 - Secrets of the Vestry and Sacristy.
Servers and altar guild members unpack the contents of vestry and sacristy to show the work and materials going on behind the scenes of the Eucharist.”

February 11 - Our Social Fabric: making eco-friendly wardrobe choices. 
Mary Ann Webb ,a board member of Our Social Fabric, leads this forum exploring ways to make planet-friendly wardrobe choices. Our Social Fabric is a local non-profit created to keep fabric waste out of landfills by selling donated headstock fabric and fibre arts supplies to the public.