The road to Emmaus story early in this liturgical season of Easter has been a favorite of mine for some time.

Two weary followers of Jesus walking home to Emmaus from
Jerusalem after the intense week of Jesus’ passion and death and confounding news of Him maybe being alive again.

I have had some very memorable and important conversations on long distance walks. Karen and I and two good friends walked the Spanish pilgrimage path, the Camino, from
the France border to Santiago de Compostela in the summer of 2014. A climate and terrain not that different, at least in my imagination, of the Emmaus road.

A rather remarkable close community developed amongst us along that ancient way as we shared life: fatigue, physical challenges, painfully aware of our own emotional challenges, with nowhere to hide them from our companions. Wrestling with some of life’s big questions together; pondering personal questions.

We were intentional about praying together and noticing the movements of God in our hearts. It was beautiful and life giving, all set against the beauty around us and the simple rhythm of walking, which can be very meditative. (My next forearm tattoo is planned to be of three people walking,
seen from behind, as they turn to one another, engaged in conversation!)

The two friends on the road to Emmaus, as they mulled over the past week, were joined by a stranger who wasn’t a stranger; who warmed their hearts with his presence and
words on the way and then as they shared a meal together, it is said their eyes were opened....and they Knew.

May we, followers of Jesus, find companions along the Way to share our faith journey, welcoming Him into it.