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Scooch in. Let's listen together...

Here are some Wondering Questions:

  1. I wonder what is the most precious gift that you ever got?
  2. I wonder if you have ever asked for something and received something different?
  3. I wonder if you have ever come close to God and knew what God wanted?

This week's story reflects on a beautiful interaction with God and the character Angus, where it explores how we come to God for help, as well as how God responds to us. Angus, even though his want was so lovely, was not thinking about everyone else, only for what he was hoping for. Sometimes it can be so easy to think of what we want, instead of trying to find what God might want or what the world or others might need. It's important to remember, that when we pray to God, we are being transformed as we do so, because we think of others, and how we might be more loving and caring in the world. That doesn't mean we forget about ourselves, asking God to be with us is a huge part of prayer, but sometimes we can get so inward-looking, we forget to look outside. Prayer helps us to do that. Another thing I love about this story is the line "God listened, but God did not speak, for that was not God's way". In the Bible and in so many other children's books we are often given the impression that God responds, and sometimes instantly, and that God will always speak to us when we speak to God. I haven't always found that, and I think it's important to remember that God hears us, and is with us, but if God isn't saying something to you, that's okay, for that is not always God's way. God shows us God's love through the person of Jesus Christ, and in the people who love us and show us kindness, and yes sometimes we feel so close to God, and God comes so close to us, that we DO know what God wants, but it's okay if that isn't every day. God is with you, and hears you, and even if you can't hear God, you are still embraced and loved, let that be your prayer tonight, that when it seems as if God is far off, you remember that God is always coming closer to us, in more beautiful ways, and we are never alone.