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Scooch in. Let's listen together...

Here are some Wondering Questions:

  1. I wonder if you could think about what you might want to make, during the holidays, and you can give away, to your circle of care?
  2. I wonder if you have ever received a practical gift made with love?
  3. I wonder what including people and showing them generosity, may teach us about the Creator, our God?

This Christmas, you might receive a practical gift, given, brought or handmade with love. Most likely you might receive a pair of socks, or some gloves or mittens, or perhaps a hat or scarf, or maybe a knitted sweater. It can be easy to not appreciate them, as maybe they aren't as fun as a new toy or a flashy piece of new technology. But, often, when these gifts are given, they are given with far more care than we might think, especially if they are handmade. Much like the prayer shawls at the Cathedral, and as we have learned from hearing the story about Metis Mittens, or Cynthia Boehm's story, we learn that especially if these items are handmade, that care and love have been poured into them, as Cynthia puts it " every stitch I made." These gifts are pieces of our loved ones' hearts. When they are giving them to us, they are saying we are loved, they are saying they want to share with us, to spend time with us, and to guide us and keep us safe.

This Christmas if you open up a knit sweater, or a pair of socks, treasure them. Every time you put them on, remember who gave them to you, and know that you are loved.


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Dorion, Leah Marie, Metis Christmas Mittens. Metis translation by Fleury, Norman (Gabriel Dumont Institute Press, Saskatoon, Canada). 2017.