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Sometimes when we get direction from the Holy Spirit about the next steps in our lives, the message comes through as many nudgings! It seems as though that’s how things have gone with Adam Hartsock, the Cathedral’s new Director of Stewardship and Development. Adam H and his husband, the Rev Adam Dawkins (our new Assistant Curate), have recently arrived in Vancouver after an epic RV journey with their three dogs—Grimace, Marvin, and Quincy.  They traveled across the states learning new motor-homing skills and visiting with loved ones along the way.  They even sang excerpts from Oklahoma! while driving through the state, and the former musical theater performer had a chance to reflect on the many strands of his life coming together in Vancouver and at Christ Church Cathedral. 

Adam comes to us with his Master of Science in Arts Administration, and a graduate certificate in Fundraising Management from Boston University, and he has held various positions in higher education, stewardship and development, and hospitality. He was most recently the Assistant Director in the advancement office at the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee.   

For Adam, stewardship and development is all about relationship building-relationships with Parishioners and with External Partners.  And it's about so much more than financial matters, but about the ministries that parishioners are called to, and expressing gratitude for shared time and talents.  In his words, “Everything is stewardship,” and it must be passion driven!

This isn’t Adam’s first time in Vancouver.  He first visited here with his husband in 2019 and fell in love with the city after 5 rainy days.  That visit, and some key conversations along the way, planted the seeds for Adam H and Adam D to make their home here.  There have been many Holy Spirit nudgings since.

His journey to the Cathedral is a testament to God weaving the various strands together of time and talent.  Adam can even draw a connection from his passion for the arts which he says taught him many relational skills and the importance of a team working together for a greater vision.  His experience teaching theater at a children’s camp also showed him the value of connection as the kids found their place in the community.  Adam is trained in Godly Play and will be the storyteller for the Cathedral’s Godly Play session on Sunday, July 24. Through the connections that he makes with parishioners, as well as partnering with the Cathedral’s many ministries, Adam continues to see the Holy Spirit guiding his path with Christ Church Cathedral every day.

Adam has experienced a bit of a culture shock since arriving in Vancouver over such endearing details as people waiting at crosswalks and adjusting to postal codes—“In Boston, you don’t wait for the crosswalk. You just run and pray that no one hits you!” He’s still getting used to the Vancouver rhythms of everyone coming alive with the Sun, but he’s happy to live close by the Cathedral downtown where he and his husband can walk everywhere.  Adam H and Adam D have also been doing some exploring in the Greater Vancouver area.  They will soon be playing tour guide to some visiting family and Adam H is open to your best kept tourist secrets!   

In Adam’s words, it all comes down to talking about our vision and telling our stories.  It’s about getting to know people and figuring out where they have a place in the community.  Which is all quite fitting based on the conversations and vision that brought Adam to Christ Church Cathedral.