There has been a significant decline in both number of people attending Church and the frequency with which people attend over the past decades. In the 2021 census, more than half of the population of British Columbia (52.1%) reported having no religion with 34.3% identifying as Christian, making it the most secular province. Attendence has also declined with frequent attenders - now defined as attending Church once a month - now accounting for less than 16% of Christians in BC.

There are many possible reasons why people don't go to church as often as they used to. Some of the common factors that have been identified by researchers and experts are:

1) The changing nature of Western life and society. Many people are busy with work, family, and other commitments, and have less time and energy for religious activities. Some people also feel that religion is not relevant to their personal or professional goals, or that it does not provide them with a sense of identity or community.

2) The decline of trust and confidence in religious institutions. Some people have been disillusioned by the scandals, abuses, and corruption that have plagued some churches and denominations. Some people also feel that churches are too focused on minor issues, politics, or money, and not enough on the core teachings of their faith.

3) The rise of individualism and pluralism. Some people prefer to explore their spirituality on their own terms, rather than following the doctrines or traditions of a specific church. Some people also encounter a diversity of beliefs and practices in their social circles, and may not feel comfortable or welcome in a church that does not reflect their values or preferences.

These are only some of the main reasons why church attendance is declining in the West, there may be other factors at play as well. What do you think? And where do you see life stirring in the church? Where do you see hope? 


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