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This Christmas at the Cathedral we will be having some lovely little gift bags for children during the Christmas Services. In these bags will be the custom-made Nativity Stickers and colouring sheet created by Lauren Odile Pinkney. Buying these resources can be expensive, so feel free to download and use these as you wish at home. The Nativity stickers are for children to colour in and design themselves, and can be printed on regular labels using a regular printer. The colouring sheet, featured in the picture as trifold, can just be printed as is on larger paper. The Nativity characters, designed by Lauren are intentionally plain and simple and feature some gender-neutral Wise People. Please enjoy them and use them as you need!

Instructions for Printing:

  • The Nativity Stickers should be printed on 30 labels per sheet Avery 5160 labels or similar.
  • The Colouring Sheets can be printed onto Legal-sized paper but print best onto tabloid or 11 by 17 paper. Most at-home feed printers adjust to this length.