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Our Children's Ministry will be remote for the next couple of Sundays, so to tide you over during that time, we will be posting some short online sessions for families to do together at home. Our Second one is themed on the Holy Spirit, where you can hear the story of Jesus' Baptism in the River Jordan and the appearance of the Holy Spirit in the form of a white Dove, so for this, we will be making Doves of Peace. You will find everything you need from the templates, to colouring sheets and the story in the attached PDF for you to print at home and below is your list of things you need:

  • Print out of the Dove Template in the PDF below
  • Scissors
  • Wool or String


  • A pen or pencil to write your prayer
  • Felt (in case you want to make your doves out of felt, you can still use paper for the wings, just cut out the template and draw around it on your felt, then cut the felt, the look good either way, but the felt ones make nicer gifts. I have also seen them made out of cookie dough or salt dough, so use the template as you wish and get creative!)
  • Paper Doiley (You can also use these for a lace effect on the wings if you want to!)