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Our Children's Ministry are hoping to be back by February 6th! But until then, here is our next online session for families to do together at home. This one is themed on Ezra re-building the second temple in Jerusalem, where you can hear the story of Ezra and Nehemiah (Nay-ham-eye-er) and build a lego version of the 2nd temple. You can also build the Arc of the Covenant, but as we learn, the Arc of Covenant was in the Old Temple and lost before the building of the Second Temple, but it was a Holy and Sacred object people saw a direct link to God as God gave them to Moses. However through the story of Ezra and throughout the Old Testament (sometimes called the Hebrew Bible) we can learn how the Israelites thought God lived in the Old temple, but over time learned that God isn't in one place but everywhere. The story of Ezra helps us learn about this history and how people's understanding of God changed over time. You will find everything you need from the templates and worksheets, to colouring sheets and the story in the attached PDF for you to print at home and below is your list of things you need:

This can be made with lego, duplo or any building blocks!

  • 1x 26x20 base (or the ground works!)
    1x 10x2 brown piece (or any colour you have!)
    3x 8x1 brown piece
    5x 6x1 brown piece
    1x 4x2 brown piece
    2x 4x1 brown piece
    5x 2x1 brown piece
    4x 3x1 L shaped brown piece
    1x brown treasure chest piece
    4x 2x1 beige piece
    8x 1x1 beige piece 
    1x 8x1 beige piece
    2x 6x1 beige piece
    2x 4x2 beige piece
    6x 4x1 beige piece
    2x 3x1 beige piece
    3x 2x1 beige piece
    1x 8x1 grey piece
    1x 4x2 grey piece
    2x 4x1 grey piece
    2x 2x1 grey piece
    2x 1x1 grey piece
    2x 2x1 flat sloped piece (or just 2X1)
    2x 2x1 sloped peaked piece (or just 2X1)
    2x 1x1 flat smooth grey piece 
    8x 1x1 flat sloped grey piece (or just 1X1)
    2x 1x1 circular flat smooth gold piece
    2x 1x1 circular flat white piece
    2x white tap piece
    1x grey short 4x1 fence piece