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Our Children's Ministry will be remote for a little longer, our goal is to be back by February 6th! But until then, here is our next online session for families to do together at home. This one is themed on the Spiritual Gifts, where you can hear Paul's letter to the Corinthians encouraging them to explore their Spiritual Gifts and use them to help God's world. You will find everything you need from the templates and worksheets, to colouring sheets and the story in the attached PDF for you to print at home and below is your list of things you need:

  • Print out template - or just a plain piece of paper, and check the sheet online
  • Colours - whatever you would like! Get creative! Use paints, pastels, watercolours, chalk, pencils, whatever you like best!
  • Scissors
  • Tape (optional)
  • Pens