Grief has a funny way of bringing things up that we thought we had already gone through. 

This week we lost our dear cat of 13 years- Cypress- quite suddenly. There are many things to take from it, that he didn't suffer, that he was loved and lived a happy life, that help in some odd way to soften the blow. There were tears shed, hugs received, and condolences given. And this morning, I thought I had come out of it quite well, and was feeling amazed at that fact, kind of surprised actually. Two hours later I felt so exhausted and short-tempered. I was grumpy for most of the afternoon, and even as I write this, I feel low on "spoons."

Being with all of you in person and on-line and even in this digital form brings me such comfort and joy. We are not alone, not entirely. Our faith in the incarnation, in the precious story of "God with us" reminds us of this very fact. God did not leave us to suffer alone; God put aside power and privilege, to become one of us, to share our joys, our pains, our very human existence. 

This is a kindness that we can extend to others wherever they are in their journeys, wherever our lives intersect. It is this kindness that I have been the recipient of over the past several years, as I have gone through many life experiences that were challenging to say the least. So many of you have been there for me through all of that and so much else. Let us continue to be there for one another, in whatever capacity that we can. 

It was this reminder of how I have been held in love, prayer, and encouragement that I know has carried and continues to carry me through the difficulties of the human life. My experience of my faith has made it's way to me through all of you, and I hope in some small way that I have impacted you as we have stumbled along the path of faith together.

May it continue to be so, and even more so, as we share more special moments singing, dancing, reading, learning, growing, celebrating, and even mourning together. 


In love and gratitude.