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The Cathedral Choir has launched a new project called “How Can I Keep from Singing?” in order to have a Covid-safe way to be together and, most importantly, sing together. As part of this project the choir will be releasing videos of each of these session for the whole Cathedral community to enjoy. The first session involved 12 choir members singing some of their favourite hymns. Each chorister was asked to share why they chose their particular hymn and what it means to them.

It was lovely to see and hear our singers back in our beautiful space, making music once again. You will be able to see this too when we release the video from that session very shortly. In the meantime, the second session is being prepared. This time we need your help.

We would like to feature the congregation’s favourite hymns and would like parishioners to send in their favourite hymns. We may not be able to incorporate all requests but we will try our best. Please send your hymn request to Rupert by November 15.