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On Tuesday, August 29 many of us had the privilege of participating in an amazing memorial for our beloved Jenny Birtwell. She had chosen all the music for her Celebration of Life service.

The closing hymn tune she chose was “Morning Song.” When I first came to the Cathedral this hymn was sung quite regularly. With a text by Studdert-Kennedy it quickly became a favourite of mine. For some reason we have not sung this hymn for many years. Today it seemed very appropriate for our offertory hymn to remember Jenny - especially in line with her theme throughout her service that “Love is a Verb.” The last verse fully describes her and Ian, beginning with the line “to give and give and give again.”

During communion we sang the well known hymn “Let Living Streams of Justice.” 
Today we close with a hymn set to the same tune Thaxted” - but this time to words written by Ellen Clarke King. She dedicated it to Hilda Gregory, a respected and well loved member of this congregation. I wish to dedicate this hymn today, to our beloved Jenny Birtwell.