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Greetings! I’ll be in Saskatoon this coming Sunday, enroute to a workshop. I’ll be sorry to miss Martin Brokenleg, our guest preacher. I urge you all to come and hear him, he is a very wise person. 
As I tuned into the music streaming service Spotify this morning I was invited to listen to an AI DJ, who was playing music that I had listened to previously, and, (here is the important part) music it thought I’d like based on what I’ve played in the past. It was a fascinating experience to consider that a machine was able to introduce me to music I might like; and it was largely correct.  
As the Business Chaplain here at the Cathedral, I’ve been wondering about the place of AI at work, and in particular how AI will impact leadership. My friends and colleagues at the Neuroleadership Institute published a blog about AI and leadership a couple of weeks ago, that I found fascinating.  In short, while AI has been used by organizations for analysis and even prediction - for example Spotify suggesting music I’d like- we are not that far away from AI being a much more active participant and advisor with leaders.

“The coming phase — already in its early stages — will involve humans and AI collaborating to lead employees. For example, algorithms can alert managers that certain team members need more attention, detect burnout, or help leaders revise their communications to make them more empathetic, charismatic, or visionary.” 

I wonder what comes up for you as you read this? 

And, please bear with me while I make a substantial leap here. In this past week’s 40 Minute Forum, we learned about Ocean Legacy’s work in cleaning up shorelines. I learned that plastic does not decompose. All of the plastic ever made still exists. Organic matter, like you and I begins, grows, dies and decomposes into something else. But not plastic. That which we humans make, like plastic, like AI, does not die, it does not decompose. AI is like plastic, it is useful, it is likely going to be ubiquitous, but it is not natural, and it will be around long after we are gone. 
I wonder what that means for our grandchildren?   
To be clear, I am enjoying listening to the music this AI DJ is playing as I write. I find plastic to be helpful to me in many ways. And you and I are human beings, created in the image of God. You and I and all of creation are holy and sacred beings. We have AI, and as useful as it is, it will never be us. 
I wonder what your thoughts are?