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Living Out Our Baptismal Covenant


In the hustle of our daily lives, it's easy to forget the significance of our baptism. But what if we made it the forefront of our thoughts each day?


As baptized members of the Church, we're entrusted with the mission of Jesus Christ, and our baptism is not a one-time event but a lifelong journey defining our identity and mission. We must actively live out our faith, serving as witnesses of God's love in all we do.


In our workplaces, schools, communities, gyms, and even coffee shops, our faith should be visible. It's about the everyday choices we make, the kindness we show, and the values we uphold, reflecting the light of Christ.


Consider your work – let your actions and interactions reflect your faith, regardless of your profession. In schools, share God's love and kindness with your peers. In communities, be agents of change through acts of kindness. Even at the gym or your favorite café, show respect and empathy.


Being a deacon, I ask: "Would Jesus work where I work?" We must bridge the gap between the institutional Church and the world we're called to serve, embodying Christ daily.


Our baptismal covenant reminds us to continue in apostolic teaching, resist evil, proclaim the good news, love our neighbours, strive for justice and peace, respect all human beings, and safeguard God's creation. These principles guide our faith and actions.


Let's take our baptismal covenant seriously, being Christ's ambassadors and bringing Christ’s light into every aspect of our existence. Through our actions, may others see the love of Christ and be inspired to embrace their own baptismal calling.