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Last week we blessed and introduced a new piece of Holy Furniture into our Cathedral. This censer or thurible stand was donated for our shared worship together, and its story is special.

Through the pandemic, we have lived in our isolated bubbles, and one such bubble was established between a member of our Parish: Helen Williams, and her neighbour Joyce Campkin. Helen cared for her elderly neighbour who was both in her mid 90’s and legally blind, through cooking, sharing meals and sharing stories. Joyce was a nurse at Vancouver General Hospital for 42 years, and so greatly deserved the care that Helen gave to her over two and a half years.

In mid July here at Christ Church Cathedral, we were contacted by Joyce who wished for us to purchase a censer stand and have its donation given in Helen’s name. 

One of the two thuribles that we use at special occasions and for our 8pm compline service was Helen’s husband Canon Douglas Williams’ and was donated to the Cathedral amongst other items including our sanctuary bells. Canon Douglas served as an honorary Priest here at the Cathedral for many years.

Two days after we received the donation and one day before it arrived, Joyce passed away at age 96. Helen had no idea that Joyce had made this donation, and so it was with joy that we were able to share this news with her. This thoughtful and generous gift is cherished here and its legacy will be remembered through Joyce and Helen’s friendship.

You can watch this short video for a closer look at it here: and you can watch its blessing and introduction to worship here: (12 minutes and onwards)

Until now, our thuribles have been sat on a decorated tile, but now will hang from their stand as its incense fills our space with prayer and holiness.