What is Pastoral Care?

Cathedral Clergy and trained lay people offer pastoral care—a caring and supportive presence—for members of the congregation and broader community. Pastoral and spiritual care can include home or hospital visits, spiritual direction, or more formal counseling provided by those who are appropriately trained and licensed.

Pastoral care focuses on the deep values and meanings that guide us as we live our lives, and offers a responsive presence for those wrestling with life's questions—big and small.

How can I make an appointment?

No matter what your life circumstances—whether anxious, confused, lonely or hurting—the Cathedral's pastoral care team offers care for those who need it. 

You can call the parish office at 604.682.3848 to make an appointment or email the parish office.

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What is Healing Prayer?

The Cathedral's Healing Prayer ministry is centered on healing through prayer. This ministry acknowledges that healing is God's work, and that those who offer this ministry are instruments of the divine presence and care for people.

Prayers for healing are offered with a posture of trust, openness, and faith that God will continue the healing ministry of Christ through the Church. Our ministry with and amongst those who are sick is about God's unfolding healing process, rather than a cure. 

How can I receive prayer?
In-person healing prayer is currently suspended, but options for remote prayer continue

Prayers for healing are typically offered at the following services:

  • Weekly on Sundays at the 10.30am Choral Eucharist
  • Weekly on Thursdays at the 12.10pm Eucharist
  • Monthly on the 3rd Sunday at the 5.30pm St. Brigid's Eucharist

Those seeking prayer may call or email the Cathedral PrayerLink to have their name added to the list. You can reach the confidential PrayerLink phone number at 604.682.3848, ext. 54 or email your prayer request.

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What is Healing Touch?

Healing Touch is a form of the ancient art of hands-on healing described in the Bible. Members of the team work in pairs to offer an energy-based, heart-centered approach to healing, working with the energy fields that surround each of us. While not a cure, it aims to promote the restoration of balance and a sense of well-being.

Members of this ministry are trained practitioners, and all have completed a minimum of fifteen hours of instruction in energy healing from qualified instructors of the Healing Pathway program and follow their established code of ethics.

How can I make an appointment?

The Cathedral's healing touch ministry is typically offered at the Cathedral after the 10.30am service on the third Sunday of the month. Sessions typically last about 20 minutes. In this present time, Healing Touch can only take place at a distance. 

You can book an appointment through the Cathedral office. 

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