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I am very excited to announce that Bishop John Stephens has approved the appointment of a part-time, interim Assistant to the Rector for Pastoral Care & Liturgy. The Rev. Melanie Calabrigo will be joining the Cathedral's pastoral team and overseeing the Cathedral's pastoral offerings, effective September 1. Melanie will be with us until we are able to call a new Vicar. 
Melanie is currently serving St. Hildegard's - which is a community with an arts focus- and will divide her time between the Cathedral and St. Hildegards. She brings to the Cathedral experience in a multi-faceted approach to spirituality and pastoral care with a special focus on the arts. This appointment also connects the Cathedral in a special way with St. Hildegards, and I hope we will be able to collaborate with that community on arts focused initiatives in the future. 
More about the Melanie: 
The Reverend Melanie Calabrigo is a priest and spiritual director. She is a graduate of the Vancouver School of Theology, Pacific Jubilee Program for Spiritual Direction, and Pacific Coast Family Therapy Training Institute. Her background is in spiritual formation and creative practice, family systems, pastoral care, and expressive arts. She has accompanied diverse life journeys in a variety of settings. Melanie is the visionary and gathering priest for St. Hildegard’s Sanctuary, an inclusive, arts-based, contemplative community, within the parish of St. Faith in Vancouver. Her own spiritual practice is grounded in a theology of aesthetics, noting that throughout time the arts have offered hope through beauty and imagination, and a spacious invitation to embody faith through diverse expressions. She is always wondering about new ways to extend the invitational, radically inclusive love of Christ. 
(Photo: St. Mark's Ocean Park Anglican Church)