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The world is a frightening place right now - so let's synchronize our intentions for 90 minutes of collective manifestation, channeling peace, light, and healing energy to all beings facing hardship during these challenging times.

On Tuesday, April 16th, interfaith partners from all three traditions of the Book will gather to offer silence, meditation, labyrinth walking, sound bath/live music, and prayers and poetry. Christ Church Cathedral will host a labyrinth walk featuring music and sound healing from Quantum Care (Masa Kateb and Eda Ertan), and Rev. Clare Morgan, as well as prayers and music from Rabbi Laura Duhan-Kaplan, and Bishop John Stephens.

This gathering welcomes individuals from all backgrounds, embracing diversity and compassion. Treat everyone with respect and kindness, beginning with yourself.

RSVP is not necessary but very helpful! Register here.

Please join us to unite our hearts for peace.