Periods of rest are essential for all of us. Jesus took periods away from the crowds and retreated from his day to day activities. Modelling sabbatical in our community is important. 

Dcn. Jeffrey Preiss has been serving at Christ Church Cathedral since 2017, and after a few busy years will be taking a much needed period of sabbatical between December 25 and April 16. 

This coincides with his much awaited  honeymoon to the Philippines with his husband Richard who were married in our Cathedral on June 21, 2021. 

Dcn. Jeffrey continues his full time employment at the Crisis Centre of BC where his workplace ministry is core to his vocation as a deacon. 

A sabbatical is an intentional time of rest. As such, Dcn. Jeffrey will not be available for pastoral care and will be 'offline' during this time. My hope is we will honour his time off as a community. 

Upon his return, Dcn. Jeffrey will continue his ministries with us which has included Chaplain to Liturgical Ministries and assisting me and other clergy with liturgy. 

Rest well, Jeffrey. Our prayers are with you.