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Dear Friends, 

It is with deep sorrow that we acknowledge the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Please hold her and all the Royal Family in your prayers. Please pray for King Charles.

For many, Queen Elizabeth was the only monarch we remember and a symbol of dedicated service who provided a sense of stability and continuity. 

Within the Anglican Church of Canada there are some established rites and rituals to mark the death of a monarch and celebrate their life. The Cathedral will be following those rites in marking the death of Queen Elizabeth. 

What to expect in the days ahead:

A small memorial to Queen Elizabeth has been set up in the sanctuary; a photo of her 1951 visit to the Cathedral along with the paschal candle as a symbol of her baptism into the resurrection of Jesus. 

The Cathedral is open 10am to 4pm. A book of remembrance is available in the narthex and the prayer candles in the alcove are available. The eucharist will be celebrated at 12:15pm Wednesday and Thursday. Midday prayer will be said at 12:15pm on Tuesday. 

The Book of Common Prayer and Book of Alternative Services both have special collects for the death of a monarch. This Sunday September 11, at the Sunday services, a second collect will be included in each liturgy for Queen Elizabeth. 

A special commemorative Evensong is tentatively planned to be held at the Cathedral on Sunday, September 25 at 4pm. More details will be shared in the days ahead. 

The death of a public figure, like the Queen, can also resurface our own personal grief linked to the loss of loved ones. Some of us may find that we need some extra support at this time. If that is your situation, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Cathedral clergy for pastoral support if you need it, or to other support networks you find helpful. Remember to make space for and honour any grief you may experience at this time.