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With the Cathedral’s 135th Anniversary approaching, the Trustees have determined to strike a steering group to coordinate celebrations and other events linked to celebrating the occasion (the “Steering Group”). We are pleased to report the Steering Group has been formed and is made up of the following parishioners: 

Carol Cook (chair) 

Andrea Gailus

Faye Forrester 

Ron Jobe 

Anne Fletcher 

Roz Kellet. 

The Steering Group’s role includes proposing, organizing, and delivering events and other occasions which honour and celebrate the Cathedral’s rich history not only as a Parish, but within the Diocese and the national and international Anglican communion, and as an important civic hub and gathering place. The celebrations and events that will take place in the coming months will also celebrate the present day at the Cathedral - all the ways this community is living the motto “Open Doors, Open Hearts, Open Minds”.  

As planning for various events begins, you will be seeing calls for volunteers. If you have made this Cathedral your church home, know that you are welcome to get involved in these events, whether you’ve been here for decades or just joined the community.