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During her time at the Cathedral, the Rev. Dixie Black has become known for her compassion and non judgemental presence in her teaching, preaching, and serving at the altar. She accompanied many in pastoral care, spiritual formation, discernment of vocation and contemplative practice. Over the past 14 months her diaconal ministry evolved to respond to the needs of the pandemic and Dixie became the “Deacon of the Livestream,” welcoming and accompanying parishioners tuning in to the 10:30 am service. 

Recently Dixie shared with Dean Chris that she intends to retire from active ministry when her current covenant with the Cathedral expires August 31st.  With the end of the active diaconal covenant, Dixie will step into the role of Deacon Emeritus.

When asked about her decision and what she considers the gifts of her time at the Cathedral, this is what Dixie had to say: 

“My decision to retire comes after almost 11 years as Deacon to Christ Church Cathedral; very rich and transformational years. My ordination followed 9 years of active lay ministry in the parish and the diocese. Retirement from active ministry frees my time and energy for specific projects as well as for my private practice in clinical/spiritual counselling. 

It has been an honour and a privilege to serve this most amazing and wonderful community of people. I look forward to seeing you in the church pews when we are all able to safely gather again.”

Dean Chris is grateful for Dixie’s active ministry during the pandemic and her contributions to the Cathedral’s pastoral work. When her covenant with the Cathedral concludes he has asked Dixie to vision with him a role of “Deacon Emeritus,” that will ensure that while her active ministry role may change, her links to the Cathedral and her contributions to our shared life will not. This new role will allow Dixie to focus on specific projects and be present to the Cathedral in new ways, and allow her to serve as an elder amongst the community of clergy. “Dixie brings wisdom and richness to our corporate spiritual lives and I am grateful that she is continuing on in this capacity that will honor her needs while continuing to engage in the life of the Cathedral” said Dean Chris.

Dixie’s appointment as Deacon Emeritus becomes effective on 1 September and will be celebrated at a liturgy.