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Many much-loved Christ Church Cathedral traditions disappeared into COVID’s black hole, but four years on — yes, really that long — it’s time to restore what can be restored. To that end, CCC’s Parish Council is teaming up with the Saint Brigid’s community to host a pancake supper on Shrove Tuesday February 13th. The Men’s Breakfast group has graciously accepted our invitation to step out of its usual Saturday morning time slot to host a simple supper on Ash Wednesday February 14th. And the Maundy Cafe team has agreed to host a Maundy Thursday dinner on March 28th. These parish suppers are an opportunity for everyone that is a part of the Cathedral community to come together and share a meal. All three meals will run from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. A donation of $10 per adult is suggested. No one will be turned away. Children and youth are invited to eat for free. 

PC co-chair and professional chef, Mark Halyk, is supervising the flipping of flapjacks — for sure there will be a pancake platter that’s gluten-free. Fellow co-chair and St. Brigid’s parishioner, Richard Sulkers, is putting himself in the middle of it all to direct traffic — pancakes, volunteers, diners and dishes, dirty and otherwise. The pancakes will be served hot along with a banquet of delightful toppings like chocolate syrup, whipped cream, gummy bears, Smarties, and goodness knows what else. Parents please be prepared to avert your eyes. 

Men’s group veteran, David McMillan, will be stirring up the Ash Wednesday soup. PC member and accomplished Sunday morning server, Matthew Nichiporuk, will host at the microphone that evening as we are all invited to read for our supper — bring a favourite poem or short piece of prose that addresses the uncommon Ash Wednesday / Valentine’s Day nexus of love and death. Or just bring something you really like and read it aloud to us all.

Regular Maundy volunteers and guests will welcome the broader Cathedral community to experience a meal Maundy Cafe-style. Lane Wyness, our excellent Maundy Cafe manager, will create the Maundy Thursday menu. To find out what it will be, turn up on March 28th. 

Please join us on these dates for the return of the Parish Supper(s).


Mark Halyk, 2023 Parish Council Co-chair

Richard Sulkers, 2023 Parish Council Co-chair