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Genesis 1:1-2:4a

It’s just not that difficult for me to think about God as Trinity. That God can be three in one – it’s just not that far out.

Already for me God is more that I can possibly take in – more than I am capable of understanding. And God is infused into everything – creator of every living thing. When I think about where my connection to God is strongest – it is in life – in and with the things that breathe.

I think this passage in Genesis is one of my most favourite. I love the creation story. I love that God made the heavens and the earth – that God swept over the waters and divided the day and the night. God made it and it was good. Creation was and is good. And made in the image of God.

You are made in the image of God. You have the breath of God sweeping over you and you are in relationship with God.

But sometimes, we humans we mess things up. We get it wrong and so God had to come in human form to show us how to be.

We needed more than the 10 commandments. So God came in the person of Jesus to show us how to live. Jesus Christ.

And God remains with us. The breath of God blows through creation – through our voices when we join together in singing and in prayer, when a child is born and takes their first breath, when lovers sit close – when a connection is felt and is life-giving.

God in creation and God of creation – God as human – God as breath. When you think about God, what are the forms that you imagine?

How do you know when you are connected to God?