Rooted in Jesus, Embodied in Welcome

St. Brigid’s is a vibrant, affirming Eucharistic community where questions are honoured, faith is nurtured, and discipleship pursued. We're the Cathedral’s newest congregation, founded in May 2014, the Cathedral's 125th year. We are deeply rooted in the Anglican spiritual tradition, and many of the people who attend are new to Anglicanism and have found a home here.

The service is a dressed-down, contemplative, contemporary liturgy. Come just as you are and join us around St. Brigid’s sacred hearth. Together, we’re experimenting with ways of more actively involving all members of our community in creating and participating in the liturgy.

We are so happy to welcome you, wherever you are on the journey of faith.

Our Community

We have a priestly leader, Clare (they/them), who is fine to go by Rev. Clare, Pastor Clare, or Just Plain Clare! St. Brigid's is also led by a small committee of members that we call the discernment group, who work together with Clare to help deepen and strengthen the congregation's ministry, paying attention to ways we might better serve one another and God's world in our prayer and worship, life in community, study and learning, and action in the world. 

From time to time we also gather as a larger community to make big decisions, or share ideas about liturgy/ways to worship.


If you love the Cathedral and are drawn to a "small church" feel, St. Brigid's might be just the right place for you!

What to Expect

Each service begins in the narthex (near the front doors) with a wide welcome, an overview of the service and music practice before we gather with the help of an opening song and prayers.

As we sing, we move into the nave (a fancy word for the main worship space) to listen to Holy Scripture. We read scripture and sing together, and listen to a sermon. Often we are given the opportunity to discuss the sermon together.

We then move to a table nearby with a variety of art supplies and other materials to allow us to pray in an embodied and creative way.

At the time of the Eucharist, we gather around the altar in the chancel (up on the platform). Here we offer bread and wine to one another in the name of Jesus. Finally, we sing a song and return to the narthex, sent out into the world as we seek to live lives reflective of Christ's gospel throughout the remainder of the week.