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This update was submitted by David Van Blarcom of the 127 Housing Society, which is supported by the Cathedral.

The 127 Society for Housing (often referred to as 127)  provides housing and food security for about 250 older, low-income people who might otherwise be homeless. This past year has been especially challenging as many of our residents have health conditions that make them especially vulnerable to Covid-19. Our staff has been working hard to keep our three apartment buildings sanitized, and our Community Workers have been watching out for mental health difficulties caused by social isolation. 

127 was founded by Cathedral parishioners 40 years ago and the parish and its members continue to support this ministry with time and treasure. We look forward to continuing synergies with the Maundy Café. This coming year our directors are: David Van Blarcom, Joan Seidl, James Conklin, Brian Moul, Graham Rawlings, Lorna Orr, Corinne Rogers, Kevin Smith, and Jim Longman.