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This Lent at the Cathedral, we are hoping you will be inspired each day to do live and act out Justice as much as we can. These Daily reflections cards look at small ways we can think about the community and earth around us, as we journey towards Holy Week and Easter. The cards are originally by the Salt Project but have been adapted to a Canadian context and made more approachable for families to do at home together. In packs for families alongside the cards will be ashes for Ash Wednesday, some candles and resources for daily activities as well as some sweet treats. there is also an Accompanying Resource with liturgy and information on building your own focal altar and sacred space at home.

If you would like a copy of the cards you can sign up here for the pack (before Sunday Feb 27th 2022)

Or for an emailed copy - email Lauren:

Below are some downloadable and recommended resources for exploring justice issues with older Children and some book recommendations for younger children. Resources are below:

4+ Resources (At Parent's discretion)

  • Phyllis's Orange Shirt - Book
  • A is for Activist - Book
  • Anti-racist Baby - Book
  • An ABC of Equality - Book
  • All Are Welcome - Book
  • Counting on Community - Book


9+ Resources (At Parent's discretion)

  • The Every Child Matters: Reconciliation Through Education Guide - PDF
  • The UN Adolescents Guide for Indigenous People (Know Your Rights) - PDF
  • The 13 Guiding Principles of Black Lives Matter - Kid Friendly - PDF
  • A Guide to Talking about the 13 Guiding Principles - PDF
  • Speaking our Truth: A Journey to Reconciliation - Book

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