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You are invited!

This September at the Cathedral we will be having some gift bags for children on our Back to Church Sunday on September 10th. In these bags will be some bag name tags, as well as a Back to School Survival Guide colouring sheet created by Lauren Odile Pinkney and other items listed below.

Whats in this bag:

  • Bag Name Tag, laminating pouch and keychain
    • Colour in this name tag and write your name, when you are done place the card in the puch and slowly remove the plastic sticker to attach the two sides of the puch together and press firmly, your name stage is now waterproof! Attach the keychain and then put it on your new school bag!
  • Crayons, because life is better with more colours in it!
  • A Brand new Pencil, just for you to add to your pencil case.
  • A Bubble wand: As you blow this bubble wand and wonder at you have made, imagine how God wonders at you and all God has made in you.
  • A Blue heart: Sometimes starting something new can be scary, even when we are excited about something, we can also be nervous too, and that's okay, so on this heart write whatever you are worried about and leave it at the altar after the service, knowing that you are leaving it with God, god’s got it, and that doesn't make it go away, but it helps remind us we are never alone even when it feels like it!

If you can't make it, or work for a church, here's info about how to use the resources attached. Buying these resources can be expensive, so feel free to download and use them as you wish at home. The guide is for children to colour in and complete themselves, and can be printed on regular paper at home, or on tabloid or legal paper into a booklet. The CCC document has the Christ Church Cathedral logo on it, the one that says "general" or the "booklet" format one, does not.

Also included is a small sheet for "whats in the bag" (as pictured) which can also be coloured in, as well as printable business card bag labels. If you want to make your own bag labels you can buy these self laminating pouches and keychains from Amazon and print the bag labels on regular paper or card stock. The "whats in the bag" kit needs the following items:

  • wooden pegs
  • paper lunch bags
  • bubble wands
  • pencil
  • crayons
  • candy
  • blue paper hearts from template

Instructions for Printing:

  • The backpack bag labels should be printed on letter-size paper or card stock, double-sided, and then cut.
  • The labels for the kits "Whats in the bag" can be printed double-sided onto letter paper and cut into 4.
  • The heart template should be printed on blue paper, letter sized and then cut
  • The Back to School Survival Guide can be printed as individual or double-sided pages.
  • Or you can print the Back to School Survival Guide as a booklet in the below format, which can be printed double-sided on tabloid paper if you have that at home or in your parish.