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Do not forget to do good to others. And share with them what you have.

Hebrews 13:16

This Earth Day, here are some ideas for ways you mark the day at home with your family:

  1. Go to the farmers' market for your weekend groceries
  2. Have a plastic-free day - pro-tip use the paper mushroom bags for produce instead of the plastic ones provided
  3. Go meat-free for a day
  4. Plant some veggies or herbs
  5. Have a bike day where you explore your local neighbourhood
  6. Upcycle an item instead of throwing it out
  7. Help clean up your neighbourhood or sign up shore clean up
  8. Use found items in nature to make a craft - things like sticks, leaves, or stones
  9. Write a letter to a local politician to make more environmental choices 
  10. Donate to an environmental charity

And in the meantime join us Sunday for our special Earth-themed service!:

And download the resource for Earth Day here