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This Thanksgiving, it's time to be intentional in being grateful! Gratitude has been proven to change to change our minds, sleep, and stress levels. When we give thanks to God, we do so not because God asks it of us, but because being grateful for what we have helps up think of others, and changes the way we enter into this world.

Here are some rescources to help you and your family show and experience gratitude this Thanksgiving, and then I challenge you to take those practices and bring them into your everyday life, whether it's being outside to see what you can find, showing care and hospitality to loved ones by making room at your table for them, writing or saying a prayer or keeping a gratitde journal to help you remember what you have, even when it feels like not a lot. 

Prayer is a great way to express grattitude in your life, but sometimes prayer is hard to get started, here are some graces for your table that are an easy way for you and your family to share gratitude together.

Graces for your family Table

We thank You God, for all you give; the food we eat, the lives we live; and to our loved ones far away, please send your blessings, God we pray. And help us all to live our days with thankful hearts and loving ways. Amen.

God in our resting, God in our waking,God in our playing, God in our working, God in our speaking, God in our breathing,God in our cooking, God in our eating,God in our giving, God in our caring, God in our loving, God so loving.Amen.

Bless this house and those within.Bless our giving and receiving.Bless our words and conversation. Bless our hands and recreation. Bless our sowing and our growing.Bless our coming and our going.Bless all who enter and depart.Bless this house, your peace impart.Amen.

Find more prayers and graces below.

Also included is grattitude prayer colouring sheets, scavenger hunt game, gratitude butterflies and DIY name tag napkin rings.