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By Ian Thompson
The Maundy Ministries, Outreach Worker 

Living in the lower mainland, we have had the opportunity to learn a lot of new climate and weather-related phrases, with the most recent being “atmospheric river”. As all of Canada has been dealing with supply chain disruption and food price inflation, this new flooding has threatened those of us who are most vulnerable to shortages and price increases. Many of the guests here at the Maundy are on a fixed or limited income, and these price jumps only increase their need for more affordable options.

As the need in our community has gone up, so have our costs, and the compromised supply chain and shortages impact the Maundy’s operations as well. In some cases, this means not being able to buy certain staples, in others it means that the prices are considerably higher than we have ever seen. Prices on dairy, for example, have risen sharply in 2021, with further increases forecast into 2022 on a variety of items including beef and chicken.

The number of meals that the Maundy is serving has risen this fall, and the staff and volunteers are working hard to make sure that our guests continue to receive healthy, delicious meals when they visit. Your support is incredibly valuable in these efforts, and we are thankful for anyone who chooses to contribute to the Maundy ministry.

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