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You’re invited to embark on a journey through the Gospel of Mark, a journey designed to help you meet Jesus in, perhaps, a new way. 

The Rev. Adam Dawkins offers a new educational series called The Upper Zoom. This first series offered in this online space will be a journey through the Gospel of Mark. This series lasts 14 weeks. In the first class, called Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of Mark, you are invited to examine Mark’s Gospel in its historical, social, cultural and literary settings. From there the reflection will move onto looking at the theological and Christological claims of the Gospel. We will reflect Mark’s Gospel as part of a group of disciples and by attending to the crowd, by being in relationship with the poor and oppressed. Finally, the series will work towards reflecting on Mark’s Gospel by attending to Jesus’ confrontation with the Jerusalem authorities of his day.  


The Upper Zoom series will meet on Zoom each Tuesday from 6pm to 7:30pm beginning July 19th.
Register here to receive the Zoom link. If you have any questions or wonderings, contact the Rev. Adam Dawkins: or 604-382-3848 ext. 128