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Flowers in the Cathedral today are given To the Glory of God and ... Thanksgiving that Easter brings a renewal of life, and new blessings of love, hope, peace, good health, and happiness.
~ Ed & Vincent thankfulness for the vibrant and joy-filled existence of Zoey Lynn, our great-granddaughter.
~ Peter & Jeanette Schouls Thanksgiving for the light of Trudy Ramsay.
~ Steve & Judy Mostardi loving memory of Trudy Ramsay.
~ from her Book Club: Audrey Neumann, Mary Lewis, Dorothy Watts, Judy Mostardi, Linda Catchpole, & Megan Otton

...Happy Birthday in Heaven my dear brother. We are thinking about you as always.
~ Vanessa Ho

...For Bill Miles: Rejoicing in what has been, grieving for your passing in December 2020.
~ Diane Jeffries loving memory of Ronald Sarsons and Betty Sarsons. May they rest in peace.
~ Nora Sarsons Thanksgiving for our Cathedral community.
~ Susanne Cruickshank

...In thanksgiving for many blessings and with hope in God's resurrection power.
~ Peter Elliott & Thomas Roach loving gratitude for my Mom, Lorraine (nee Dargis) & Dad, Bob Sexsmith 91+ married on my Dad's birthday April 28, 1951.
~ Dianne Des Rosiers loving memory of my husband Jim and my son Jeff.
~ Irene Vanderwoerd loving memory of our dear mom – Betty Melchert Rolfs. You continue to inspire us and remind us to enter each day with love and courage.
~ Jan & family

...In loving memory of Thomas Ohajekwe and in Thanksgiving for many blessings.
~ Esther Aneke & family

...for Janice Lupton and for those who feel troubled in mind and soul.
~ Hannah Lupton

And from:
~ Sarah Nation
~ Grace Hsueh
~ David Bentil
~ Sheila Wex
~ Carleigh Whitman