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This Sunday, August 15 the Rev. Heather Liddell will be the guest preacher at all three worship services. Heather is an Anglican Priest in the Diocese of Edmonton. She is the Anglican Educational Chaplain at the University of Alberta and the Rector of the parish of St Peter’s Westmount/Inglewood. 

Sunday is the feast of St. Mary the Virgin and Heather’s sermon will focus on Mary. She says, “In his book For the Life of the World,  Alexander Schmemann writes that “In the West Mary is primarily the Virgin, a being almost totally different from us in her absolute and celestial purity and freedom from all carnal pollution, in the East she is always referred to and glorified as Theotokos, the Mother of God, and virtually all icons depict her with the Child in her arms.” The church has always had a complicated and contradictory relationship with Mary. This Sunday we will explore how Mary made the ordinary holy by saying yes to God and think together about how we can too. 

Heather is also a Regional Dean for the Diocese of Edmonton, Chaplain for the Diocesan Youth Camps, runs PUBtheologies and Death Cafes and graduated from Wycliffe College (University of Toronto) with an M.div in 2015. Heather is a member of the Interfaith Chaplains Association, a 2016 Canterbury Scholar and a 2019 FASPE Fellow (Fellowship at Auschwitz for Professional Ethics). She loves tea, her cat Fitzwilliam (@nakedfitz), and good books.