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On November 1, All Saints Day, we will remember by name family and friends who have passed away since November 1, 2019 by reading out the names of loved ones who have passed away in the last year. 

The names of those whose memorial/funeral service was held at the Cathedral, or those who were listed on our PrayerLink have already been added to this list. We will read these names at all five services on November 1, giving thanks to God for the gift of their lives and praying for those who mourn their deaths. This year, due to our bulletin printing schedule, we will not be printing the list in bulletin. Instead the names will be honoured at the Sunday services and on the Cathedral website.

If you wish to add the name of your loved one to this list, you may fill out the All Saints Day Remembrance Google Form HERE . The form will be available until October 29. 

May they rest in peace and rise in glory.