Bishop John Stephens sent this letter to the people of Christ Church Cathedral, in recognition of the ministry of the Rev. Marnie Peterson. 

Dear People of Christ Church Cathedral,

As I write this letter it is Holy Cross Day. A day that perhaps brings forward many different emotions and thoughts about the cross and our relationship with God. Part of that, perhaps, is to reflect on the deep love of God that sent Jesus Christ into this world to be with us, walk with us, pray for us, and to love us. From this reflection many have been called into ministry and to care for those who have been pushed to the margins of our society. I am writing this letter to honour one such person who has now left the Cathedral to move toward a new calling in her ordained ministry at St. Anne’s in Richmond. The Revd Marnie Peterson will be greatly missed at the Cathedral for she brought many gifts and talents to her ministry and the leadership roles she took on amongst you.

Marnie came to Christ Church Cathedral in March of 2013. In more than eight years she has built many bridges and connections within the parish and beyond its walls. She helped open new doors for some people who felt that the Church was not for them. She revealed that God’s love went much farther and was much wider than some of the limitations put upon it. Her work, with Andrew Stephens-Rennie in the development of St. Brigid’s was incredible ministry.
Between them they brought hope and transformation to so many lives. God was seen and known in new liturgy, new style, new conversations. God was seen in the stars, the beauty, the presence.

I know that you will miss Marnie very much. She is a very talented and capable priest. She has been part of a great clergy team. Her work with the Maundy Café, Christian Formation and Sunday morning liturgies as well as at St. Brigid’s really points to her strong leadership and abilities. In the Diocese she has been part of the Synod Office staff, and also has given great leadership to the School for Parish Development. I am grateful to her for all of this. I am also very pleased that she is stepping into this new role.

You, as the Cathedral Community have taught Marnie very much. She has also taught you very much. With all of her skills, and with the knowledge you have instilled upon her, she now moves to St. Anne’s parish to begin a new chapter in her ordained ministry. Please join with me in praying that God continue to bless Marnie as she becomes the Rector of St. Anne’s. May she always carry with her a small part of the Cathedral, its wonderful people: staff and lay people alike. She will be greatly missed but as we give thanks for Marnie’s gifts and talents, may she go with all of our love.

In Christ,

The Right Reverend John R. Stephens
Diocesan Bishop of the Diocese of New Westminster