Before the pandemic the Cathedral was growing into an organization with increasing ties to the world beyond our doors. The pandemic temporarily changed the way those ties were maintained. After what feels like two years of waiting, we are emerging into a new reality that presents more possibilities for connection both within and outside the Cathedral community. The Cathedral staff team is transitioning in order to better meet the needs presented by all these new opportunities. 

The following staff changes come into effect September 1, 2021 (unless otherwise indicated): 

Cathedral Operations and Building Services

The Rev. Monte Tugwete has been Building Services Manager at the Cathedral since May 2020, while completing the final stages of his discernment process. He was ordained to the transitional diaconate this past June and the time has come for him to begin his curacy. Monte will become Curate at St. Alban’s (Burnaby) and Holy Trinity Cathedral September 1. The Christ Church Cathedral played an important role in his discernment journey.  The Cathedral clergy and staff and those involved in his discernment process are thrilled to see Monte begin his ordained ministry.  

Justin Bush will be promoted to Director of Cathedral Operations. Justin joined the Cathedral team in June as the on-site Events Coordinator and has proven himself to be a valuable member of the Cathedral staff team. Running a building like the Cathedral involves many different moving parts and the unique challenges that come with a heritage building. In his time with the Cathedral Justin has ably navigated these moving parts and unique needs. Justin can be reached at 

Longtime custodial staff member Shawn Warmington will be promoted to Coordinator of Building Services. Shawn will oversee the custodial team and work with Justin to ensure the building is well maintained and the needs of different user groups are met. Shawn can be contacted, beginning September 1, at 

Jeremy Smith will be joining the staff as the Events Coordinator, taking over the position previousy held by Justin Bush. Jeremy will handle booking requests for Cathedral’s various meeting and event spaces. If you need to book a room at the Cathedral for an event, please contact Jeremy at 
Jeremy has been involved in parish in various roles and has performed event coordinator duties in other organizations. Jeremy joins the Cathedral staff August 16. 

Parish Administration 

Carol Anne Mercier will join the Cathedral team as the Parish Administrator. Among other things, she has extensive experience in administration having worked as a registrar at a theological college, as a parish administrator in an Anglican Church and as a Pastoral Associate in a 2500 family parish in Alberta. Carol Anne will be in the office Monday to Friday from 10am to 2pm. Her email address is 

Phone extensions for new staff will be made available as soon as they are available. 

The Maundy Ministry

Vienne Chan
will be promoted to Director of The Maundy Ministry. She has been the Cathedral's Hospitality & Food Coordinator since November 2020 and now steps into the role previously filled by Andrew Stephens-Rennie and the Rev. Marnie Peterson. Since Vienne joined the Cathedral staff, The Maundy has established new partnerships that allowed the ministry to expand its offering.  Vienne can be reached at or 236.886.3154. All volunteer inquiries for The Maundy Cafe should be directed to

In September there will be various opportunities to meet all the new staff members and reconnect with the current staff who are moving into new roles.