Sermon starts at: 32:45

Jesus says: “ soul is troubled. And what should I say - ‘Father, save me from this hour’? No, Father, glorify your name.” 

Jesus describes the movement from worry, fear, and resistance, to surrender and peace. He releases his attachment to the way of comfort, security, and even survival. And he shows us the way forward on the spiritual journey, the way of letting go, of surrender, of death. Death to that which keeps us separated from loving God with our whole hearts. 

As we journey with Jesus to the cross, let us pray for courage as we ask God to make known to us what we need to release, and let us ask for grace to trust in God’s goodness, as God peels our grasping hands from what is cutting off the oxygen supply to our souls and turns us towards the uncertainty and freedom of living a life true to God’s vision. 

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